Dear Tim,

I drove back in near silence all the way down the M5. It is only when the noise has been removed that you appreciate how it must have been building up bit by bit over several months. I swear she’s going better too! Jenny my wife noticed as soon as she got in. She has remarkable hearing – sometimes too remarkable.

I can’t thank you enough for the quite superb service that I received. Not only was it expert but it was a very speedy as well. It was very kind of you not to ask for payment – I fully expected to pay – it seems unlikely that the bearing was faulty although when I looked at the bearing again there was a fault line directly opposite the crack. You were very generous and thank you. Please would you also thank Robert – I genuinely enjoy watching a proper mechanics at work rather than fitters such as you find at Quick Fit.

I will pass round the word.

No doubt see you before too long but hopefully not with a transmission problem. Jamie

Tim and the team at Central Axles have been helping me keep my Rover P6 in rally winning condition for over five years now. They are sympathetic to the importance of reliability and always deliver great service.
I’m glad I was recommended to Central Axle Services as I’m sure I owe at least a couple of class wins to their workmanship.

1970 Rover P6 historic rally car


I took my Jaguar E-Type to Central Axles for them to assess what the horrible rumbling noise from the drivetrain. They quickly diagnosed the problem was with the gearbox lay shaft bearings. Despite the age of the car, in no time at all they had removed, reconditioned and replaced the moss gearbox. In the twenty years I have owned this car it has never sounded better.


Tim is a lovely person and is so very helpful and kind. My car is always in tip top condition when he gets his hands on it!