Morgan Quaiffe Conversion

A call from a distressed Morgan +4 owner has resulted in one, no longer distressed, and in fact, very happy customer.

The problem was the differential in his Morgan +4 had become very noisy and the driveline was full of vibrations.

On stripping down the diff we discovered several of the planet gears had broken off.

Broken toot of a planet gear in a Morgan +4

The owner decided he would like to upgrade the car to have a limited slip differential. We looked at several options and found a Quaiffe LSD unit that, with a small amount of work, could be adapted to the axle of the Morgan.

To make the Quaiffe diff fit we had an adaptor plate made to increase the thickness. This simple, yet effective modification, has made a terrific difference to the enjoyment derived from the Morgan.

Original planet gear assembly and the Quaiffe diff, adaptor plate and crownwheel